China Professional Brand OEM Linear Bearing Guide Rail Heavy Duty Manufacturer aluminium profile linear rail

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HG Series

Simple Dynamic Load Assortment: 11.38 kN – 208.36 kN

The HG series linear guideways are developed with load capacity and rigidity higher than other equivalent goods with circular-arc groove and framework optimization. It attributes equivalent load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and lateral directions, and self-aligning to take up installation-error. As a result, the HG sequence linear guideways can attain a lengthy existence with higher speed, large precision and easy linear motion.

EG Series

Basic Dynamic Load Variety: 5.35 kN – 33.35 kN

The EG series is a low profile, large load ability, and large rigidity guideway block. It also attributes an equivalent load ranking in all 4 instructions and self-aligning ability to soak up set up-error, permitting for increased accuracies. Additionally, the reduce assembly height and the shorter duration make the EG collection much more suited for higher-pace, automation machines and programs the place place is limited.

CG Collection

Excellent Second Load Potential

The CG sequence linear guideways have minute load capacities up to 50% larger than normal HG Assemblies. The O-Sort (back-to-back) bearing configuration and an built-in recirculation unit improve bearing circulation drastically improving moment load capacities and marketing sleek movement. An optional stainless metal protect strip will increase dust protection and encourages easy block changeover.

RG Sequence

Fundamental Dynamic Load Variety: 11.3 kN – 275.3 kN

The RG collection attributes a roller as the rolling aspect rather of steel balls. The RG series is made with a 45-degree angle of make contact with. Elastic deformation of the linear make contact with surface area, during loading, is greatly diminished thereby providing greater rigidity and higher load capacities in all 4 load instructions. The RG sequence linear guideway delivers substantial functionality for higher-precision manufacturing and can accomplish a lengthier services existence than traditional ball bearing linear guideways.

WE Sequence

Simple Dynamic Load Variety: 5.23kN – 29.8 kN

The WE sequence characteristics equal load scores in the radial, reverse radial and the lateral course with get in touch with points at forty five levels. This along with the wide rail, makes it possible for the guideway to be rated for substantial loads, moments and rigidity. By style, it has a self-aligning functionality that can absorb most installation glitches and can satisfy large accuracy expectations. The capability to use a one rail and to have the lower profile with a low heart of gravity is excellent the place area is minimal and/or large times are essential.

MG Collection

Fundamental Dynamic Load Assortment: .sixty eight kN – 8.93 kN

The MG series is a miniature linear guideway that comes in a compact dimension with a Gothic CZPT speak to layout that delivers substantial stiffness and high rigidity towards minute masses in all directions. The MG collection also delivers anti-corrosion security which all material is in a unique quality of stainless metal for compatibility in different functioning environments. The MG collection is available in a slim block type (MGN) and also with an enlarged width (MGW).

QH Collection

Simple Dynamic Load Range: 13.88kN – 108.72 kN

The growth of Hiwin’s QH linear guideway is dependent on a four-row circular-arc contact. The QH collection linear guideway with SynchMotion Technological innovation offers easy movement, excellent lubrication, quieter procedure and for a longer time managing existence. Consequently the QH linear guideway has broad industrial applicability in the high-tech market in which substantial speed, minimal noise, and lowered dust generation is necessary. The QH series is interchangeable with the HG series.

QE Sequence

Basic Dynamic Load Assortment: 8.fifty six kN – 51.18 kN

The development of the Hiwin’s QE linear guideway is based mostly on a 4-row circular-arc make contact with. The QE sequence linear guideway with SynchMotion Engineering gives easy movement, excellent lubrication, quieter operation and lengthier working daily life. Consequently the QE linear guideway has broad industrial applicability in the high-tech market the place high velocity, low noise, and reduced dust era is necessary. The QE collection is interchangeable with the EG series.

QW Collection

Standard Dynamic Load Range: 16 kN – 36.8 kN

The QW series linear guideway with SynchMotion Technological innovation possesses all the rewards of the WE sequence, which features substantial second rigidity and is appropriate for one rail or place conserving applications. With the SynchMotion technologies it also supplies quieter and smoother movement, outstanding lubrication, and longer service life. The QW series is interchangeable with the WE collection.

QR Sequence

Basic Dynamic Load Assortment: 26.3 kN – one hundred fifty.8 kN

 QR sequence delivers tremendous high rigidity and quite higher load capacities. The QR sequence with SynchMotion Technologies delivers lower friction, sleek movement, quieter operation and for a longer time operating lifestyle. In industries in which higher precision, lower noise and substantial rigidity are essential, the QR sequence is the excellent guideway choice. The QR collection is interchangeable with the RG collection.

PG Sequence

 positioning guideway method integrates a linear guideway with a magnetic encoder. This remedy gives the higher stiffness and rigidity of a guideway although getting high precision from the magnetic encoder. The encoder is a non-get in touch with measuring sensor and the magnetic strip is embedded to avert attainable damage induced from external components, these features make certain a longer support lifestyle.

Application: Warehouse Crane, Shipboard Crane, Goods Yard Crane, Building Crane, Workshop Crane
Material: Aluminium
Structure: Hook Crane
Installation: Special Crane
Driven Type: AC
Carrying Capacity: Light Level
US$ 0.1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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